We’re Back

Posted: September 27, 2011 by AB in Uncategorized

After a 3 month absence I am re-commiting myself to the Blog.  Way too much going on to not want to share my opinion with the world.  Not to say MY opinion is worth any more than the douchebags that control our medias, but it makes me feel better, and that’s whats important.  What I would like, however, is to hear the opinions of my readers.  If you think something is absolute bullshit, if you’re sick of the things going on around you, if the shit you see in the news makes you want to freak the fuck out, or the guy that sits next to you at work doesn’t bathe regularly and you want to share glorious tales of his stinky-ness(that’s a word, right?), then please! Share these wonderous written thoughts of yours!


Seriously though, shoot us an email at youwerentseriouswereyou@gmail.com



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