The Problem with Tim Tebow..

Posted: December 12, 2011 by AB in Its my opinion, I can have it if I like, Sports


I for one… do not have an issue with Tim Tebow.  He plays hard, doesn’t over celebrate his personal accomplishments, has fewer than 4 baby momma’s, and genuinely seems like a decent human being. I do not believe we should hate on the guy for spending his evenings eating popcorn with Mr.Jesus.  I could honestly care less if he is a Christian, Jew, a Muslim, or likes to worship a doll he made of construction paper…fact is, his spiritual beliefs have no bearing on me. If anything, it is nice to see an athlete actually live by the values he preaches.  I’m not alone in thinking its a bit hypocritical for Ray Lewis to praise Jesus when its a generally held fact he murdered someone.

That being said… it’s only a matter of time before it all crumbles. It wont evaporate due to his ability(or inability) to play football.  We have seen enough “TebowTime” in the last couple of months to finally give him some credit.  But unfortunately, its only a matter of time before Mr.Perfect loses his shine.  No human being(except maybe the Messiah himself), can successfully sustain the image Tim has crafted for himself.  It’s a virtual certainty that at some point, we will have some bag of bones come strolling out of Tebow’s kitchen cupboard and we find out he beats his Girlfriend, that he fathered an illegitimate child, he fails a drug test, or that he cursed out some poor Muslim lady over her beliefs… Fact is…anytime, anyone has ridden the golden horse of purity….they always fall off the saddle. Not in just a, “Oops, I’m only human” mistake…but a, “Holy Shit, did you here about that Tebow guy and his weekend Cocaine Habit” mistake.Take a minute and Wikipedia the band Creed or read any interview given by a Pre-18th B-Day female music star… They may have been god fearing, innocent little Virgins at one point…but throwing parties full of blow and sex were pretty quick to follow.

Simply take a look at the past and you will see this is true… Hopefully TebowTime doesn’t have a nasty hangover.

**Update-Tebow ignores Bikini Girls-BuzzFeed


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