Photo Foolishness #3

Posted: December 22, 2011 by JS in Its my opinion, I can have it if I like

Those who know me, know I am a literalist.  Those who know me really well know that I have some hypervigilance to me as well… in other words, I’ve got very sensitive senses and notice “everything”.

With that being said, while making chili a few weeks ago, I noticed the “Easy Open!” claim on the side of the can of roasted tomatoes shown above.

Forgive me but… how in the *%#@ is that “Easy Open”?!?  Where’s the pull tab on the top?!?  The twist-off lid?!?  The little part of the label that I peel off, thus causing the side of the can to burst?!?  When I hear “Easy Open”, I generally think of things like:

  • Automatic doors at the grocery store.
  • Soda cans.
  • The wallets of rich actors in the middle of a week-long coke binge.
  • The legs of a blonde hotel heiress.

If, in order to open the can and access your product, I use the the same tool that was patented in 1855, it is NOT “Easy Open”!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to have a word with Corporate America…



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