Friday Breakdown-Honda’s, Kardashians and other Bullshit

Posted: December 24, 2011 by AB in Uncategorized

Seeing as it’s the Friday before Xmas, and I will most likely be ignoring my computer till monday(Ok.. ok.. Sunday at the very latest), I should probably dedicate my posts to Xmas.  That being said, I can’t completely ignore everything else that is going on..  So forgive me If I am pulling a DeFranco , but I am going to quickly run through a couple stories that jumped out at me this morning..

The first thing I want to dive into, is probably the most interesting to me.  Being that I spend most my days trying to convince senior citizens to use their retirement money and buy a new Camry or Prius, this AutoBlog post kinda grabbed me by the nuts.  In 2011, Honda released a re-designed Civic to the masses.  If you aren’t old enough to purchase a car, or simply one of those redneck, all-american, “I only buy domestic vehicles” kinda folks.. it may shock you to know the Honda Civic is generally held as one of the most well-built, reliable, safest cars around…And this is coming from a guy that sells Toyota’s.  The fact they came out with a design change in 11 is not the reason for this post, the reason this is news, is the fact that the 2012 Civic was universally panned by nearly anyone in the car biz with a keyboard and a website.  The car is simply awful.  The interior is cheap, it handles like shit, and for a brand built on quality, this car is the opposite.  So what does Honda do? Honda dealers nationwide are being told that a new NEW Civic will be on the showroom for 2012 as a 2013 model.  You could say that Honda has heard loud and clear the disgust regarding Honda’s flagship whip, and is just being pro-active, and you may be right…What I see is anyone who purchased one of these lemon Honda’s…the car that only came out for one year…suing Honda for the piece of shit car they were sold.  Just think…5 years down the road, and you want to trade or “gasp” sell your 2012 Civic.

  How hard will that car be to get rid of?  “Oh, what year is your Honda? Umm.. the car that only came out for one year and was changed the very next year because it was a pile of fucking shit? No thanks.”  Nice work Honda!

On to the next order of business, Kris Humphries was voted the most hated man in the NBA. This is exactly why I hate the professional Basketball. I apologize if you have a brain the size of a walnut and you enjoy watching these douchbags play a game that should be reduced to one 5 minute quarter, but these witless wonders of the world spend WAY too much time patting themselves on the back and thinking about what outfit they are going to wear post game.  The mere fact that Humphries is more “Hated” then lets see…Kobe the Rapist? How bout, Ron “I turned an arena into a bar room brawl then changed my name to Metta World Peace” Artest?  Even more despised than Lebron “I need a stacked roster in order to get a chance at a title”  James? More hated than *****”I have 15 children out of wedlock that I don’t pay child support for”*****(name redacted as it could apply to at least 25 different NBA players/Coaches/Radio Announcers.  The guy is “Hated” because he married a fucking Kardashian,  and the folks at E have done an amazing job turning him into a villain.

Lets take a look at this should we?

And why is he hated exactly??  Lets be honest…I dont care who you are, but if you had a shot at Kim Kardashian…you would take it.  Now, getting married to her is something different entirely, but I still can’t hate him for it.  So lets cut the big guy a break.  He is probably glad he wont have to deal with her mutant sister and the rest of the whiney pieces of shit that associate themselves with this family.

Have a Merry Xmas everyone!



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