The “Party Toddler”…

Posted: December 26, 2011 by AB in Links, Random nonsense
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Internet “Memes’ are fascinating in a “I just saw a raccoon get hit by a semi at 75 mph” sort of way.  You aren’t 100% sure why its funny, or how to explain what you saw… but you find it disturbingly entertaining all the same.

This brings us to the “Party Toddler”.  Apparently this picture was posted on Reddit by her mother graceful_klutz,  with the caption “My daughter is not a morning person”. Obviously it took all of 3 minutes for the picture to hit the internet jet stream and hundreds of  spoofs, using the picture above as the center point.  In any case, I found the following to be rather amusing, and I am sure this kid will laugh her ass off about it when she goes to college.  Hopefully for her parents sake she decides to not embody the “Party Toddler look” when she leaves the nest.

Enjoy! *Source link and more at the bottom of post

Click here for more Party



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