Christina Aguilera is fat, has huge nose, no longer of interest to me

Posted: January 4, 2012 by AB in Uncategorized
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Oh Christina…What might have been.   To think just a short time ago, You looked like this…


And even after  you pushed out that wailing bastard child of yours, you looked like this for a while…


And while looks aren’t everything, there is absolutely no excuse to have turned into this…

Good God.  You are world famous!!! You have MILLIONS OF FUCKING DOLLARS AND NOTHING TO DO BUT SIT ON YOUR DUFF AND THINK OF WAYS TO MAKE YOURSELF MORE MONEY!!  Get a personal trainer, a gym membership, a dietician and a fucking grip on reality and fix your chunky ass!


  1. Shaikh says:

    Are you sure you are not being too hard on her? We can’t be so judgmental, I mean we don’t know every single detail of her life. The woman got pregnant and gave birth which does significantly changes a woman’s weight and facial features. Look it up, there are women who testify to this.

    • AB says:

      I am well aware of the effects a child can have on a woman’s body. In fact, I even included a photo of her taken AFTER said birth… The expressed opinion of myself (and everyone else for that matter) is based on the fact that Christina lives on a diet of alcohol, drugs and cheese, and avoids the gym like the black plague. For someone in the public eye who has access to the best personal trainers in the world, I find this level of laziness disgusting.

  2. Shaikh says:

    Thanks for the clarification, I do miss the old Christina. She was irresistibly hot back in the LATE 1990s and early 2000s.

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