I have sat on this for since lunch today, and decided to take to the masses with it..

You see…today I was given a prophecy, this forecast of curio has left me speachless..I am unsure how to proceed.

I was provided the divination you see as follows:

I do not know my course of action…a Fortune such as this truly does not come around that often.  The cliché cookie message of  ” It is never too late, just as it is never too early”, or perhaps “True wisdom is found in happiness”, and the always predictable “Good things take time”, are found at damn near every Asian inspired, Cookie providing restaurant..  But this…this is something new entirely.  I feel as if I am Charlie, and this is my Golden Ticket…Like Indiana Jones and this is my fathers Grail Diary.. This message, this directive cannot be ignored, and I must succeed in the mission I have been chosen for.. The question burns..

“What shall I do”? What constitutes as “unusual”? Is this something I consider uncommon or weird? This I know, I have been provided the ultimate permission slip, and such an object cannot be wasted.

I really think I need more time. I am getting a headache over this.. I will get back to you .


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