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Holy Hell, the best show on television(if you disagree, leave now) was renewed for season 4!! According to the Huffington Post, a 13 episode run was ordered, and hopefully NBC will realize in quick order to add a few more episodes before its all done..

On a side note, Alison Brie was on Leno the other day and made a balloon animal and talked about being naked…  So here is that for all of you.  Enjoy!!


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49 Year old Jamie Moyer becomes oldest pitcher to win a MLB gameFox Sports

The “Party Toddler”…

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Internet “Memes’ are fascinating in a “I just saw a raccoon get hit by a semi at 75 mph” sort of way.  You aren’t 100% sure why its funny, or how to explain what you saw… but you find it disturbingly entertaining all the same.

This brings us to the “Party Toddler”.  Apparently this picture was posted on Reddit by her mother graceful_klutz,  with the caption “My daughter is not a morning person”. Obviously it took all of 3 minutes for the picture to hit the internet jet stream and hundreds of  spoofs, using the picture above as the center point.  In any case, I found the following to be rather amusing, and I am sure this kid will laugh her ass off about it when she goes to college.  Hopefully for her parents sake she decides to not embody the “Party Toddler look” when she leaves the nest.

Enjoy! *Source link and more at the bottom of post

Click here for more Party


Flickr’s top 18 pics of 2011

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The year is coming to a close, and every website imaginable is coming out with their annual “Best of 2011” shit.  That being said, I found this post interesting, so give it a click and check out Flickr’s most newsworthy pictures of 2011 and see if you agree.


Monday Morning Links

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This Ron Swanson Phenomenon is starting to get my attentionUproxx

Ryan Braun(MLB) Blames “Medicine” for Positive testTMZ

Bieber’s childhood was weirder than his haircutYahoo

Racist Childrens stories…that you probably were read as a childCracked

2011’s Best MugshotsBuzzFeed

North Korean’s apparently not able to control conscious decisions emotions-Youtube

Community writer plans for Alison Brie “Gif Moments” -WarmingGlow

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