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So here it goes, lets see how motivated we are in updating this.. Since we last posted a lot has happened… Lindsay Lohan continues to baffle science, AA, and the judicial system in somehow making millions of dollars, and staying out of prison;The first man on the moon has died, and a book about a sexually abusive rich dude is somehow wetting more vagina’s then an entire generations worth of action stars combined.  What does any of this mean??


However, we are dedicated to the art of writing about nonsense, and informing the masses of the things that piss us off.. so sit back and enjoy.



Holy Hell, the best show on television(if you disagree, leave now) was renewed for season 4!! According to the Huffington Post, a 13 episode run was ordered, and hopefully NBC will realize in quick order to add a few more episodes before its all done..

On a side note, Alison Brie was on Leno the other day and made a balloon animal and talked about being naked…  So here is that for all of you.  Enjoy!!

Monday Morning Links

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Cast of Community

If you have never watched “Community”, you probably aren’t reading this.  For the uninitiated, “Community” is a Television Comedy series that airs Thursday nights on NBC.  It involves a group of students attending a Community College in the (Fictitious) town of Greendale, California.  If you need more background just go to the Wikipedia page, or youtube previous episodes. The fact is, the show is pure genius.  While most people will recognize Chevy Chase(Pierce) and Joel McHale(Jeff Winger), it’s the rest of the cast that really gives “Community” its flavor.  Donald Glover(Troy Barnes) and Danny Pudi(Abed) are a television Duo like none other, and lets not forget the evening television goddess Alison Brie(Annie). 

Allison Brie

That being said, it has come to my attention that although NBC renewed “The best show on network TV”, they have suspended production of the third season, and no timetable exists for realease of any new episodes.   WTF! I can pull all the stats, ratings and whatever else to support my claims(I’m not going to), but “Community” is one of the most original shows out there.  It’s like nothing else, and has one of the smartest casts on television.

Please NBC.. for my sake and all the rest of the “Community” geeks…dont cancel my show! I HATE tv shows, but I LOVE this one.  Don’t force me to watch old episodes of “Mad Men” in order to get my Alison Brie fix.  I am not sure what else you have on the Thursday night NBC lineup that is so incredibly awesome, but “Parks and Recreation” just doesn’t do it for me, and “The Office” hasn’t been good since the second season.
Dont screw this up NBC…I’m not fucking around.
***UPDATE- The folks at put together a very nice “Best of Troy and Abed”..Give it a look!