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More Photo Foolishness:

Posted: March 22, 2011 by JS in Rant
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44% more my ass!  I can see the level each bottle is filled to you filthy bastards.  You’re dicking me out of 5 loads, maybe 10!

Come on Corporate America, can you at least dim the lights before you fuck me?  I’m a little self-conscious, especially about taking it in the wallet in public. And really, must we do this every time I go to the store?!?  Please, I have a headache…

This goes well beyond “ballsy”… this is just downright arrogant.  In fact if you didn’t already have them in your gardens, your Great Rooms, or in the middle of your fountains I would say there should be statues erected to honor your arrogance.

Please, if you’re going to short us 15% – 20%, can you please not make the bottles SEE-THROUGH?