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Kate Upton might possibly be the most unfair thing to happen to Women since we took away their god given right

to stay at home to cook, clean, and raise our children..but thats another conversation entirely.  The point is, if you

are a straight male, and don’t find everything about this woman to be incredibly sexy.. then there is something

terribly wrong with you.

Here are some of the photos you can find just about anywhere, or found in a magazine that for some

reason people will purchase(not me).

Enjoy 🙂

Source – GQ


Oh Christina…What might have been.   To think just a short time ago, You looked like this…


And even after  you pushed out that wailing bastard child of yours, you looked like this for a while…


And while looks aren’t everything, there is absolutely no excuse to have turned into this…

Good God.  You are world famous!!! You have MILLIONS OF FUCKING DOLLARS AND NOTHING TO DO BUT SIT ON YOUR DUFF AND THINK OF WAYS TO MAKE YOURSELF MORE MONEY!!  Get a personal trainer, a gym membership, a dietician and a fucking grip on reality and fix your chunky ass!