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Is it possible for overalls to be “saggy”?!?

GREAT use of taxpayer resources there Arkan-saaaaaaaaaaw.  According to the president of the state education association, “We feel the bill can improve the learning environment in schools”… really?!?  ‘Britches’ that ride low are going to improve the classroom environment in your schools?  Look, I’ve seen the statistics, I don’t think your education system breeds many physicists, geneticists, Rhodes Scholars, or Poet Laureates.

Oh, and another thing… I noticed you also added specific language about clothes that expose the “breast of a female.”  Come on now… how many St. Pauli Girls are born in and/or attend school in Arkansas? Answer truthfully. Go ahead and take off your shoes if that will help you count them. I hate to judge, but I have a hunch that more Arkansas females become long-haul truckers than runway models. And that’s fine, but be honest with yourselves and let’s call a spade, a spade.

Maybe instead of waging war on saggy pants, you should focus on deterring your students from getting their sister drunk on prom night and encourage them to READ AN F’ING BOOK!