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Lawyer Dog meme gets your pooch off the hookUproxx

Guy smarter than you beats a traffic ticket with nerderyAutoblog

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If you have $90 Million laying around.. this yacht can be yoursTheChive

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Hologram Tupac to go on tour.  Of course it wouldRollingStone

Lindsay Lohan takes the girls to a meeting and forgets her braTodaySweet

49 Year old Jamie Moyer becomes oldest pitcher to win a MLB gameFox Sports


Humpday Links

Posted: December 14, 2011 by AB in Uncategorized
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10 Movies with crazy shit after the credits– House of Geekery (Blog)

The folks at Johnnie Walker are marketing genius’s– WWTDD

Japan Tsunami aftermath as seen through Google Maps– AutoBlog

Ridiculous sex myths that you probably believe are true– Cracked

And the Dad of the year award goes to…-The Chive

1.5 Million for some old Apple Documents-Yahoo