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Went and saw Ridley Scott’s Prometheus over the weekend, and for anyone who hasn’t spent the 8 bucks(or whatever a movie ticket costs in your area) it is well worth the coin. Intense, thrilling and horrifying all while leaving you in awe of a very thick and compelling tale.. it was definitely something to behold.  That being said,  the two douche buckets that sat DIRECTLY behind me and had a fucking seizure during the first 15 minutes of the movie can kiss my ass. Seriously folks, when you go to a movie, SHUT THE FUCK UP! Get to the theater with enough time to settle in, shut off your phones, finish talking about whatever was interesting in your lives before you sat next to me, open your skittles and shut your damn mouth when the lights go dark. Not that tough.  I hope you went home and choked on your candy or when you die from being grossly obese, they find out it was cuz you extra buttered your popcorn 1 too many times.

Anyways, go see it.

Here’s the trailer if your still not convinced.



Batman is starting to look good

Posted: December 13, 2011 by AB in Uncategorized
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Yep.. The new Batman is gonna pretty badass. I of course draw this expert conclusion from nothing more than the picture posted above. Apparently you can catch the first 6 minutes of the new flick by paying to see the new Mission Impossible. The impossible part of that equation is spending $16 to see a Tom Cruise movie.