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That’s it… I’m done…

I have written about my Dirty ex-girlfriend on here a few times, and perhaps I may have been a bit harsh at times… but anyone that watched last nights “Voice” can agree to this…..

When your fish nets are stretched to the breaking point, and your buttons start shooting off your top and injuring audience members.. its time to lay off the pizza and get back in the gym. It’s unfathomable how far off the deep end she has gone..  Let’s be real, we have all found ourselves in that “Fat” phase…but last time I checked most of us don’t posses the recourses and cash necessary to stay in shape for years on end.

So this is the end..  I hung on in hope that she would drop the pounds and come back to reality.. but that hope is gone.  Unless she kills someone, or grows a third tit on her forehead, I can’t see a reason to do another Christina post.

**Obviously the picture above is not Christina Aguilera. This is Sara Jean Underwood..  Your eyes should thank me.


This link has been posted just about everywhere, here is the clip if you havent seen it yet.

I have many thoughts on this, namely the fat prick who idolizes Ron Artest and Dennis Rodman.  The fact he snickers and giggles to himself after he unleashes one of his pudgy cheap shots is incredible. Like he did something special. I am sure a lifetime of obesity coated failure and rejection will ultimately be the last laugh.

Here is my other question… Where are the fucking parents??? If that fat fuck ever put his pimply arm onto one of my kids like this, he would be tasting Reebok in his mouth till next season.